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Mental capacity and strain


Challenges are a natural part of life. However, they may sometimes activate the stress process. The purpose of stress is to activate and channel a person's resources towards meeting these challenges. Challenges offer the opportunity to learn something new, and surviving them results in well-being.

When mild and temporary, stress usually improves performance, but when strong or prolonged, stress may lead to different kinds of health problems, such as burnout, depression or even work disability.

Signs of mental well-being

A person who feels regularly well is: 

  • satisfied with her/his life
  • active
  • open-minded 
  • tolerant of uncertainty
  • and accepts her/himself

Signs of well-being related to work:

  • satisfied with one's work
  • interested in things
  • committed
  • resilient
  • efficient
  • participates in rallying points
  • feeling competent

In 2009, 32% of Finnish working people considered their work mentally stressful (Work and Health in Finland 2009, FIOH). The Occupational Safety and Health Act (738/2002) obligates employers to ensure their employees' safety and health at work.

Modified 31.12.2013