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Barents Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety


The Barents Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety is published since 1998 and it provides information to occupational health and safety experts in the countries of the Barents region. The newsletter comes out three times a year. It is published in English and Russian and is free of charge.

Баренц Бюллетень по охране и гигиене труда издается Финским институтом профессионального здоровья с 1998 года и обеспечивает актуальной информацией специалистов по охране труда и профессионального здоровья в странах Баренц региона. Периодичность издания – три выпуска в год. Все материалы публикуются на русском и английском языках. Распространяется журнал бесплатно.



The Barents Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety is published by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. If you are interested in contributing, please contact the Editor in Chief or the Editor for more information.

The themes of the Barents Newsletter for 2015 will be:

1/2015 Arctic work
2/2015 Training of OH personnel
3/2015 Networks of OH&S 

Тематика выпусков Баренц Бюллетеня в 2015 году:

1/2015 Работа в Арктике
2/2015 Переподготовка персонала служб ОГТ
3/2015 Информационные сети по охране труда

Manuscripts addressing the above theme, as well as other topics in the field of occupational health and safety are welcome. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, please contact the Editorial Office in advance. Readers may also send proposals on potential authors and articles.

Subscription Subscribe to the Barents Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety. Please contact the editor of the Barents Newsletter for orders.

Latest issue:
Barents Newsletter 2/2015 Training of occupational health personnel (0,9 MB)
Barents Newsletter 1/2015 Arctic work (1,3 MB)

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(pdf 2MB)
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Barents Newsletter 3-2010 Economic analysis in OH&S
(pdf 1MB)
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Barents Newsletter 3-2008 pdf  Risk assessment (pdf 2 MB)
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Previous archived issues are found on Internet (2007 and older)
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Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 
P.O. Box 18 
FIN-00391 Helsinki, Finland

Fax: +358-30 474 2548

ISSN 1458-5952 On-line publication
ISSN 1455-8459 Printed publication

Editor in chief
Suvi Lehtinen

Mirkka Salmensaari
E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

The translations into Russian-English-Russian are provided by Kola Science Centre.

Editorial Board
Valeri Chashchine, Prof.
Kola Research Laboratory of Occupational Health, Russian Federation 

Vladimir Masloboev, Prof.
Kola Science Centre, Russian Federation 

Juri Lupandin, Prof.
Petrozavodsk State University, Russian Federation 

Evgeny R Boyko, Dr.
Institute of Physiology, Ural Division, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Anatoly Vinogradov, Ph.D, Secretary General
Kola Science Centre, Russian Federation 

Randi Eidsmo Reinertsen, Prof.
Research Director, Sintef Health Research, Norway

Hannu Rintamäki, Research Professor
Physical Work Capacity Team, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland

Liina Saar, Chief Specialist
Health Board, Estonia

Ivars Vanadzins, Ph.D
Riga Stradins University, Latvia

Raimonda Eicinaite-Lingiene
Institute of Hygiene, Lithuania

Piotr Sakowski, MPH
Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine, Poland

Collaborative organizations
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Institute of Sanitary-Epidemiologie Research, Petrozavodsk
Institute of Physiology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Archangelsk
Kola Science Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences
Kola Research Laboratory of Occupational Health
National Institute of Occupational Health, Oslo, Norway
North-West Public Health Centre, St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Labour and Occupational Diseases
State University of Petrozavodsk
Sintef Health Research, Norway
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway


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