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NANOSH is a EU-funded research project focusing on occupational exposure to nanoparticles and their health effects. The overall goal of the project is to delineate exposure and health effects of selected nano-sized particles relevant to the occupational environment.

Nanotechnology, i.e. the production based on different nano-sized particles, is a rapidly increasing area of industry providing new and innovative solutions being introduced into many industrial sectors.

Nanotechnology will have a major impact on the everyday life of people in the industrialized countries. Therefore, there are increasing demands by society for reliable information on the possible health effects of engineered nanoparticles and the significance of these effects.

The challenge faced by to policy makers and the scientific community is that very little is actually known about the health effects of these particles. It is essential that reliable information should be gathered before entering with widespread use of nanoparticles to avoid potential health problems similar to those previously encountered with the worldwide production and use of asbestos.


A part of European Union's Sixth Framework Programme: Specific targeted research or innovation project (STREP)

Project acronym: NANOSH

Project full title: Inflammatory and genotoxic effects of engineered nanomaterials

EU funding: 2,4 M€

Duration: 36 months

Start date: 1st November 2006

End date: 31st October 2009

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