Sitowise produces planning, expert and digital services for the built environment, such as condition assessments related to living and building health. The company operates in 19 locations and employs 1400 people.

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) is an extremely important co-operation partner for us, especially in terms of its laboratory and analysis services. We especially appreciate FIOH’s excellent skills and the way in which they clearly reporting results. FIOH has a pleasantly active and effective way of taking care of their important clients and make the client’s everyday life easier.

– Tomi Valkeapää, Head of Department, Renovation services


Kajaanin Mamselli is a public utility company of the City of Kajaani which offers 11 500 meals daily and cleans an area of about 135 000 m2 of property. The company works in, for example, kindergartens, schools, staff canteens, sports facilities, health centres, hospitals and elderly homes, and home meal services. Mamselli has 85 offices and about 270 employees.

We needed extra support for managing our work. Everybody seemed to be busy and we were unable to prioritize work tasks. We took on every job and just added it to our to-do list. The Time and Focus Online Course helped us understand the components from which time management is built. We were able to make concrete changes. The course gave us time management tools and the courage to prioritise.

–  Tuija Vuorinen, Director


Vantaa Energy is an energy company owned by the cities of Vantaa and Helsinki, which produces and sells electricity and district heating and provides natural gas for industry. It has 350 employees. Over 60 supervisors and experts participated in the training provided by FIOH.

We wanted to clarify the occupational safety and health duties for which, for example, our supervisors and occupational safety officers were responsible. We had new managers and it was also slightly unclear to our personnel what issues they could discuss with them. After the training, the number of safety observations has grown in accordance with our objective. At best, handling these observations can lead to developing new working methods. Safety has become an even more natural part of work at Vantaa Energy.

– Mika Sironen, Construction Engineer, Occupational Safety Officer


VR Maintenance is a company within VR that specializes in the maintenance of railway vehicles. VR Maintenance take care of, for example, railway stock maintenance for the VR group, Junakalustoyhtiö (rolling stock company), and Karelian Trains Ltd. VR Maintenance aims to offer safe, reliable and cost-effective maintenance services.

The VR group launched a human factors programme with FIOH in 2016. This programme included increasing awareness of the topic and creating a training project suitable for the railway environment. VR Maintenance was the first unit, together with FIOH, to build a human factor training programme for its entire staff. Through this training, each maintenance worker has learned how different human factors can affect everyday work, success, and how these should be taken into account in, e.g. planning work.

We received expert and high-quality service from FIOH for planning the human factors course, building our own trainer network and help in the practical implementation of the courses With FIOH’s support, building own trainer network has been hugely important, because through organizing the training, we have succeeded in building a systematic operating model, and in integrating it as part of our safety leadership system.

– Juha Ohvo, HSQE Director


Many different companies and communities belong to the Forum, providing it with competences from many different fields. Through the Forum, you can increase work motivation, and find support and good tips for promoting your own company’s safety. Occupational safety and health concerns everyone, and developing it together is nicer than doing it alone.

– Laura Mäkilä, Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator


The Zero Accident Forum offers its members a comprehensive range of current data on occupational safety and well-being at work, which you can employ effectively. The Forum’s webinar, and the Nollis coffee mornings and seminars have enabled networking and learning from colleagues, which has had a positive effect on my work.

– Esa Marttila, Safety Manager