The income generated by FIOH totalled EUR 27.14 million, which was less than budgeted. Total income generated by FIOH decreased by EUR 1.7 million compared to the previous year. FIOH received EUR 23.635 million in government aid. The government aid was in the same level as previous year (EUR 23.22 million).


Expenses remained under control.  Expenses were below the 2017 level, and also under budget (budgeted 52 million, realized 51.02 million). Operating expenditures and personnel expenses totalled EUR 47.19 million. The operating expenditures increased by EUR 1.24 compared to the level in 2017.

Expenditure on equipment and other long-term expenditures totalled EUR 3.4 million, an increase of EUR 0.65 million compared to 2017. A part of the purchases planned to be made in 2018 were postponed to 2019, total EUR 0.9 million.

Balance sheet

The balance sheet total was EUR 66.7 million, which represents an decrease of EUR 2.4  million from the previous year.

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