20 February 2018

The activation of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system during task performance was measured using electrodermal activity and electrocardiography in a new study published in Scientific Reports on February 16.

“Collaborative work and cooperation may be assessed with physiological signals such as skin responses and changes in heart rate,” says Lauri Ahonen, a research engineer at FIOH.

“Objective and automated evaluation of group dynamics is scalable and cost effective. Such methods could be implemented in promoting well-being at work and operational efficiency in organisations such as work-places with organic team structure,” Ahonen adds.

The study published in Scientific Reports was conducted by researchers in FIOH, University of Helsinki and Aalto University.

“We demonstrate the potential for social physiological compliance to quantify pair-work in natural settings, with no experimental manipulation of participants required. Our objective approach has a high temporal resolution, is scalable, non-intrusive, and robust”, concludes the abstract of the article.

You can read the abstract and the study in full in here >>