1 October 2019

Press release 41/2019

The aim of this sale is to offer the expertise developed at FIOH a strong growth platform in today’s changing markets. Twelve FIOH employees will transfer to SGS, retaining all their employment terms and conditions.

This change will not affect existing contracts, customer relationships or already granted type examination certificates.

– Customer service will continue as normal and product contact persons will remain the same, says Anna Ruhala, Product Group Manager at SGS Fimko and Carita Aschan, Director at FIOH.

–We feel that this sale will bring a unique opportunity to further develop Finnish PPE expertise and above all to raise it to a globally significant level,” says Antti Koivula, Director General of FIOH.

– Our decision was influenced by our belief that SGS’s operational culture will provide excellent operating conditions for the FIOH employees transferring to SGS as a result of this sale,” adds Carita Aschan, Director at FIOH.

Helsinki’s accredited PPE business will be transferred to SGS on 1st October 2019.

 FIOH specializes in well-being. We carry out research, provide services and exert influence. Together with our customers, we develop good work communities and safe work environments, and support the work ability of employees


Further information:

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Carita Aschan, Director, FIOH, tel. +358 30 474 2776, carita.aschan[at]ttl.fi
Antti Koivula, Director General, FIOH, tel. +358 30 474 2340, antti.koivula[at]ttl.fi




Mika Richardt, Managing Director, SGS Finland, tel. +358 40 5125 959, mika.richardt[at]sgs.com