14 September 2018

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health is contributing to a large EU initiative on human biomonitoring, HBM4EU (www.hbm4eu.eu).

FIOH coordinates a task related to the inclusion of human biomonitoring data in risk assessment/health impact assessment strategies. A report on the current practices of the use of human biomonitoring in risk assessment was published In the end of 2017.  See the report

In addition, FIOH coordinates a task related to the targeted occupational studies with EU added value. It aims to bridge the gaps in our knowledge of occupational exposure in different occupations/tasks when compared to other exposure sources.

In 2018-2019 a targeted occupational study related to the exposure to hexavalent chromium will be performed in a harmonized manner in 9 different countries. The study will test new methods for the biomonitoring of chromium exposure, including the analysis of hexavalent chromium in exhaled breath condensates.

The study plan has been published here https://www.hbm4eu.eu/deliverables/. The study results will be available in the end of 2019.