Miika Toivanen is a post-doctoral researcher with current interest in developing methods for eye tracking. He has studied, e.g., computer vision, probabilistic modeling, and physics.

Kai Puolamäki has pioneered the application of machine learning methods to infer relevant information of the users’ preferences from gaze trajectory. Dr Puolamäki’s research interests lie in data mining, machine learning, and related algorithm and their applications.

Kristian Lukander is a PhD student with a broad experience on gaze tracking, cognitive processes, and testing cognitive performance in laboratory and field studies.

Jukka Häkkinen is Principal Investigator at Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki. His research interests include visual attention, image understanding, stereoscopic vision, and eye-hand coordination.

Jenni Radun is a PhD student with experience on understanding human performance and cognitive processes through measuring gaze.

Program Committee

Mark Billinghurst
Poika Isokoski
Samuel Kaski
Takashi Kawai
Päivi Majaranta
Niklas Ravaja
Miika Toivanen
Kristian Lukander
Kai Puolamäki
Jenni Radun
Jukka Häkkinen