The workshop is a full-day workshop. Tentative program:

9:15 Introduction and welcome

9:30 Keynote talk: Human Factors / Ergonomics in Advanced Imaging and the Gaze Tracking Issues
Takashi Kawai
Waseda University, Japan

10:30 Morning break

11:00 Contributed talks:

Classifying Mobile Eye Tracking Data With Hidden Markov Models
Dmitry Kit a, Brian Sullivan b

a University of Bath, b University of Bristol

Minimal Sequential Gaze Models for Inferring Walkers’ Tasks
Constantin Rothkopf
Technical University Darmstadt

12:00 Organizers’ talk: Do-it-yourself open source gaze tracking system
Miika Toivanen, Kristian Lukander, Kai Puolamäki
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

12:30 Lunch break

14:00 Keynote talk: Design Issues for Mobile Gaze Interaction: Lessons Learnt from Gaze-Based HCI
Päivi Majaranta
University of Tampere

15:00 Contributed talks:

A Study on Representational Competence in Physics Using Mobile Remote Eye Tracking Systems
Seyyed Saleh Mozaffari Chanijani, Syed Saqib Bukhari, Pascal Klein, Jochen Kuhn, Andreas Dengel
University of Kaiserslautern

How Cardiologists Reads X-Ray Videos in Minimally Invasive Catheter-Mediated Interventions? Eye-Tracking Study
Mohammad Al-Naser a , Syed Saqib Bukhari b, Peter Lanzer c, Andreas Dengel a
a University of Kaiserslautern, b German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, c Department of Internal Medicine, Hospitals and Clinics, Bitterfeld-Wolfen

16:00 Afternoon break

16:30 Organizers’ talk: Novel experimental setup for inferring user intent and activity in a game-based task
Kristian Lukander, Miika Toivanen, Kai Puolamäki
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

17:00 Discussion: research issues, challenges, opportunities

18:00 Workshop ends