What next?

This manual contains the central themes of brain work and cognitive ergonomics. What brain work steps will you take next? Are brain work issues and improving cognitive ergonomics a current issue in your work community? The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has extensive experience in improving brain work in many different organizations, across a wide range of fields.
Table of contents

The goal of Brain work services is to make brain work flow smoothly, make it productive and to support well-being. We provide wide-ranging brain work services. Our services include lectures; brain work courses for work communities, supervisors or management; brain work agent training; and tailored brain work projects.

We improve brain work comprehensively

  • IDENTIFY: How is your brain work? What kind of brain work do you do? What causes you stress? What inspires you? The present brain work situation can be elicited using either a brief questionnaire or a more detailed survey.
  • RESOLVE: What concrete measures can we take to improve the situation? Through co-development, the brain work workshop finds ideas and develops solutions for better-flowing brain work.
  • PUT INTO PRACTICE: How can the solutions developed in the brain work workshop be implemented in everyday life? We will you help establish and adopt new working methods.

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