4 June 2019

The safety level classifications were awarded to 92 workplaces from all over Finland. The aim of these classifications is to support long-term development at workplaces and to highlight positive examples.

The workplaces that achieve the safety level classifications constantly strive to find new ways in which to influence safety and health at work.

“Safety issues are communicated through, for example, monthly themes, notice boards and newsletters. Safety expertise has been reinforced through training staff in, for example, hazards in routine work and how to make safety observations. Some workplaces have even used their competitiveness pact hours for this”, says Tiina-Mari Monni, Director of the Vision Zero Forum

Responsibility for safety extends all the way to subcontractors

More emphasis has been placed on subcontractors. They are now informed and trained along with the main organization’s personnel. Subcontractors’ safety observations and notifications are also gathered and reported alongside those of the main organization.

The Vision Zero Forum’s annual safety level classifications are based on criteria set together with the member workplaces. Issues such as workplace accident frequency and the seriousness of accidents are examined, and investigations into accidents and systems for reporting incidents must be in order.

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The following workplaces were awarded an occupational safety level I classification:

LEVEL I – At the world’s forefront  (31 workplaces)

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Glassfibre Oy, Karhula plant

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Tampere

Ami Foundation, Amiedu


Eaton Power Quality Oy

Evonik Silica Finland Oy

Freeport Cobalt Oy

Forssan Verkkopalvelut Oy

Hexion Oy

Kiilto Oy

Kraton Chemical Oy

Paroc Group

Prefere Resins Finland Oy

Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy

Port of Rauma Oy

Roal Oy

Rolls Royce Oy Ab

Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy

Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy, Turku Factory

SK Protect Oy

Stena Recycling Oy

Steris Finn-Aqua

Synthomer Finland Oy

Turku Vocational College Foundation

Trinseo Suomi Oy, Hamina

Ulefos Oy

Westenergy Oy Ab

ViskoTeepak Oy Ab

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Yara Suomi Oy Siilinjärvi


The Vision Zero Forum is a network of workplaces, the aim of which is the continuous development of occupational safety and well-being at work, and the dissemination of good practices. The Forum has been in operation since 2003 It currently consists of over 400 workplaces from all over Finland, which covers over 16% of the employed workforce in Finland. The Forum’s activities are co-ordinated by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

Want to know more? Contact:

Tiina-Mari Monni, Product Manager and Director of the Vision Zero Forum, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, tiina-mari.monni@ttl.fi, tel. 050 433 1607