– Time, results, or physiology?

28  March 2017 Helsinki

The National Museum of Finland / Kansallismuseo
Mannerheimintie 34

People measure themselves in many ways, e.g., using intelligent bracelets. How is this working in a work environment? Quantified Employee 2017 – Time, Results or Physiology is a seminar focused on the different possibilities of tracking work and an employee to develop sustainable productivity. The event is part of the project Re:Know – Revolution of Knowledge Work, and jointly organized by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT.


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Seminar materials

Global Online Labour Markets (PDF)
Re:Know Keynote 1: Dr. Otto Kässi, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Affective computing and its potential role in the improvement of collaboration (PDF)
Re:Know Keynote 2: Dr. Guillaume Chanel, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva

Digital Me – Leveraging your digital footprint to track your time (PDF)
Mats Sjöberg, HIIT

Time use in expert work – do we need tracking of working hours (PDF)
Annina Ropponen, FIOH

Andreas Henelius, FIOH

Collaboration and physiology – Pair working in the wild (PDF)
Ben Cowley, FIOH

Learnings from a company-wide Fitbit experiment
Juuso Parkkinen, Senior Data Scientist

Work As The New Leisure Time
Pauli Komonen, Researcher, consultant, trend analyst