Photo: Piia Markkanen, University of Oulu


Activity-based office is a modern way of building space-efficient offices, which involve alternative room types for different work tasks. Nowadays, most of the new office premises are built or renovated to satisfy the activity-based concept. Therefore, the investigation of the functionality of this work environment has a significant societal and scientific importance.

The aim of the project

The aim of ActiveWorkSpace project is to identify central features of spatial solutions in activity-based offices that support employees’ environmental satisfaction, well-being at work and work engagement. Through interdisciplinary approach, the consortium partners will theorize gained new knowledge from perspectives of occupational health (FIOH), acoustic knowledge (TUAS) and spatial design knowledge (UO).

The question to be answered by the Consortium

Consortium partners share extensive expertise to conduct together real-world cross-sectional and longitudinal intervention research based on the field specific state-of-the-art and laboratory studies.

Using field-specific qualitative and quantitative research methods, each consortium partner will contribute to answer the main research question comprehensively: How do the spatial solutions of activity-based offices support environmental satisfaction, well-being and work engagement.


The project started in September 2018 and ends in August 2022.


The Academy of Finland is financing part of the project.

The Organization of the Project

The ActiveWorkSpace project will be conducted by a consortium lead by Dr Aulikki Herneoja, of the University of Oulu (UO).

The two subprojects will be lead by Senior Researcher Dr Virpi Ruohomäki, of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Helsinki (FIOH) and Docent Valtteri Hongisto, of Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS).