Several cases of allergic diseases such as rhinitis, asthma or rashes are annually diagnosed among greenhouse workers in Finland. These diseases are caused by micro-organisms used in biological control, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Pollinators such as greenhouse guns can also cause allergies. Allergic workers may not be able to continue working in greenhouses. The prevalence of these allergies in unknown.

Objectives of the project

  • To study greenhouse exposures that can cause allergic diseases
  • To determine how common respiratory and skin symptoms and allergies are among greenhouse workers
  • To produce simple guidelines and operational models for improving workplace hygiene and preventing allergic diseases
  • To identify allergens in pest control organisms, and to develop allergy tests using these and other greenhouse exposures


The project will be carried out in 2018–2021.


The project is mainly financed by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the Finnish Work Environment Fund