The aim of the project is to promote entrepreneurs’ networking, mutual support and peer learning, and well-being at work. It is conducted in collaboration between the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Helsinki, and NewCo YritysHelsinki, and is carried out in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In its subproject, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health focuses on foreign-born entrepreneurs and their well-being at work.


  • To enhance foreign-born entrepreneurs’ awareness of how well-being at work has an impact on both the success of the company and on entrepreneurs’ life satisfaction.
  • To enhance foreign-born entrepreneurs’ understanding and knowledge regarding means with which to promote one’s own and one’s employees’ well-being.
  • To further the networking of foreign-born entrepreneurs through networks developed in the larger project.


  • We will create a guide to well-being at work for foreign-born entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs will be involved throughout the process, for example, in the workshops (2016-2017).
  • The guide will be written in Finnish and translated into Russian, Estonian and English.The significance of well-being at work will be included in the advisory activity and training provided by NewCo YritysHelsinki for entrepreneurs and those considering entrepreneurship.
  • Foreign-born entrepreneurs will be guided to find advisory and support services, and to attend the networking and other events related to well-being at work that are organized during the project.


The project began in autumn 2015 and will end by 31 December 2017.


The subproject is carried out as part of the ‘Promoting the well-being of micro-entrepreneurs through networking’ project in collaboration with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Helsinki and NewCo YritysHelsinki. The project is funded by the European Social Foundation (ESF) / Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment; the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health; the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Helsinki and NewCo Yritys Helsinki/the City of Helsinki.