Evidence-based health promotion @work (Promo@Work) (2016-2019)


We have produced workplace health promotion guidelines.


The aim of Promo@Work is to produce evidence-based guidelines for workplace health promotion by combining different aspects of health promotion at workplaces. Health promotion activities include building a healthy public policy, creating supportive environments, strengthening work community measures, developing personal skills and reorienting health services. Advocating is also an important health promotion measure.

Using the Behaviour Change Wheel framework, our Promo@Work research team will analyse the current state of Finnish workplace health promotion policies and programmes with regard to the approach of interventions (e.g. education, persuasion, environmental restructuring, enablement), targeted behavioural determinants (motivation, capability, opportunity), and related policy categories. Core aspects will include tailoring WHP practices for occupation-based groups, locating the best counselling practices currently in use, developing persuasive technologies to support and sustain motivation for change, and examining the economic indicators of successful WHP activities.

Instead of focusing on individuals with risky behaviour, the research will integrate work community activities, safety at work and occupation-related personalized lifestyles as new motivators for sustained lifestyle changes. A research base will be created from occupation-related personalized lifestyles that are associated with work ability and recovery from work.

With this knowledge, we will plan an intervention to test if a tailored eHealth intervention based on persuasive technologies is more effective than tailored WHP counselling for micro-enterprises in a cluster randomized controlled trial of promoting health and work ability. Furthermore, we will study and develop the indicators of successful process and effects, including financial measures, to evaluate the WHP activities.

Using the results from all WPs, the evidence-based WHP guidelines will be co-created with researchers, stakeholders and actors, and peer reviewed. In addition to carrying out the scientific work ,we will interact with different stakeholders and actors from the start of the project. The aim of the interaction is to co-design, co-create, review and start to implement the results and WHP guidelines.

Promo@Work’s aim is to integrate WHP plans with organizations’ occupational safety and health plans and/or with the operational plans of workplaces’ OHS, hence covering the workplaces of 1.8 million Finnish workers by 2025.


Funding period: 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2019.


The project is funded by the Strategic Research Council, Academy of Finland.

The total funding of the project is 3.4 million euros.


You can contact advisory experts at FIOH by emailing them at firstname.surname@ttl.fi.

Jaana Laitinen, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Kirsi Heikkilä‐Tammi, University of Tampere
Matti Juhani Muhos, University of Oulu
Harri Oinas‐Kukkonen, University of Oulu
Johanna Ruusuvuori, University of Tampere
Stephanie Stock, University of Cologne