Occupational health data is currently siloed across the government, research institutes, healthcare providers and pension funds. This project promotes creation of common data platform to store and link distributed data sources in order to produce new data-driven knowledge for decision making, human resource management and individual persons. In addition, the project will facilitate and orchestrate co-creation activity aiming to find new analyses and data driven services in the field of occupational health. The project also focuses also on relevant questions when it comes to effectiveness and transparency of the new digital services.

The development project establishes a national platform for quantitative and qualitative occupational health related data. The development is done in five areas

  1. data infrastructures
  2. data sense-making processes
  3. data analysis processes
  4. digital services and
  5. community building.

In spirit of open innovation, the platform brings together all relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem of occupational health in Finland and data sources.


By the year 2022 Finnish Institute of Occupational Health maintains an open or semi-open platform for all accumulating occupational health related data, which is then utilized in producing real time indicators, predictions and diagnosis for the benefit of Finnish working life and occupational health. All FIOH’s own research data will be stored and cultivated in the platform and all FIOH’s research projects will utilize the platform.

Ongoing projects

Dashboard to present real time indicators of Finnish working life based on macro-level open and semi-open data. First version due Spring 2019

Planned projects

Digital service for individuals to maintain their working performance based on individual level health and sensor data.

Digital service for organizations to benchmark their own organizations occupational health towards all other organizations in Finland and gain tailored knowledge on interventions for identified problems.


  • Platform’s basic technical infrastructure and indicator dashboard digital service ready 2019.
  • Digital service for individuals and organizations ready in 2020.
  • Ten new research projects making use of the platform launched before 2020.
  • Community building between occupational health data scientists and data sources, ongoing.


Budgetary funding for basic infrastructures. Business Finland and Academy of Finland etc. funding for research projects.