Indoor environment, usability and well-being of users of multispace offices (MOSI)

It is important that new multispace solutions grow into healthy, safe work environments that support work processes as well as well-being at work, and which increase the socially significant aim of extending the working careers of employees.


  • assess the usability of existing multispace offices from the perspective of usability, health and well-being.
  • study the effect of multispace solutions on the quality of the offices’ indoor environment, as regards microbes, allergens, industrial mineral fibres and particles.
  • study how the choice of floor materials effects the quality of the indoor environment of multispace offices.
  • add a section to the Indoor climate survey that could possibly identify environmentally sensitive workers.
  • objectively determine the role of measured inflammatory conditions in the workers’ perceived symptoms.


The project is carried out by Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) in co-operation with the University of Helsinki at the University premises and targeting University employees. The project is funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund, FIOH, and the University of Helsinki.


1 August 2014 to 31 December 2016

Spring 2015: A technical review of the target buildings, and the survey on indoor environment and well-being of users and interviews with selected key persons on the university´s estate management were carried out. Measurements and samples were collected at the University target premises, and collecting and analyzing of relevant research literature begun, etc.

Summer 2015: Invitations to provide a blood sample were sent (June 2015) to a selected group, the time for providing samples was extended to end of October, and ventilation systems were inspected and technical reports provided to the University, etc.

Autumn and end of 2015: The various collected research materials were preliminary analysed and interpreted together, the second measurement round wascarried out at the target premises (November-December 2015 and January 2016), etc.

Early 2016: the third and final measurement and sample collecting round (February to March 2016) and analysis of the samples collected from the target premises were carried out, and the writing of the final report began, etc.

Late 2016: The data collected during the Project will be analysed together and the final report will be completed. The project will be finalized by the end of the year.

NB! Work can be done as usual in the office premises during the work environment measurements and collecting of samples; the measurement activity does not prevent regular office work. Some of the equipment will be stationed in the premises for about a week.


  • project offers significant new information regarding the quality and usability of the indoor environment of multispace offices, and offers methods for improving the work environment and promoting well-being.
  • results of the study can be applied in future planning of multispace offices.
  • improved survey will enable early intervention in perceived environmental problems.
  • definitions of the workers’ inflammatory conditions can be used to determine the cause of perceived symptoms.
  • primary user groups of the project’s results are occupational safety and health, occupational health services, health control authorities, construction and building engineering architects, space planners and building control authorities.
  • research data and methods developed during the project will also be used in future national and international projects.


You can contact our advisory experts by emailing them at

Kari Reijula, MOSI Medical Director
Sanna Lappalainen, MOSI Project Manager
Taina Pääkkönen, Project Administrator
Pia Sirola, Researcher (Survey and interviews)
Jouko Remes, Data analysist (Survey)
Kari Salmi, Specialist in Occupational Hygiene (measurements/samples)