The project consists of three components which aim to:

  1.  Manifold more in expert organizations: create gender-sensitive and diversity promoting human resource practices in expert organisations
  2. Manifold more professional careers: strengthen the expertise and employment of immigrant background women and the diversity understanding in society
  3. Manifold more understanding in society: challenge stereotypes associated with immigrant background women through research and expert communications


The project is done in collaboration with the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). THL is the project lead.

FIOH’s main activities and outcomes of the project

  • Diversity Barometer 2020 – the state of diversity in the Finnish work life is assessed with a survey aimed at human relations professionals. The survey focuses on recruitment practices.
  • A qualitative study in expert organizations – female experts with immigrant background, managers and HR professionals are interviewed (n = 35) to create a “Diverse expertise” -map, which describes how the expert herself, managers and the organization’s practices can strengthen the participation and expertise of those with immigrant background, and particularly women.
  • Role model stories – the production of role model stories (in video format) which aim to challenge stereotypes attached to women with immigrant background who work in expert roles.


October 2019– September 2022


The project is funded by FIOH, THL  and the European Social Fund (ESF).