Need for Speed (N4S) research programme (FIOH’s well-being at work related part)


The Need for Speed programme adopts a real-time experimental business model, and enables instant value delivery based on deep customer insight.

FIOH’s part of the programme studies the meaning of implementing the mode of production in software developers’ well-being at work.

This project holistically studies well-being at work in software development work, especially in teams, and follows agile, lean, and continuous integration/deployment ways of working.


The viewpoints of well-being at work that are studied are the meaningfulness of work, strain at work and the fluency of team work processes.

The research methods are surveys, interviews, physiological stress measurements, and developmental workshops.

The themes studied are well-being at work within shortening release cycles (time from the idea of a product feature to the moment of its release), change processes, and dynamic situations such as growing teams, and distributed and multicultural work.


1 January 2014 – 31 December 2017 (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health from 1 January 2015)


Need for Speed is a Digile programme funded by Tekes.


The programme is executed by forefront Finnish software companies. The consortium consists of large industrial organisations, SMEs and research institutes, and universities.