Aims of the project

The project will test the efficacy and efficiency of these interventions by conducting a large-scale randomized controlled field trial. The interventions for middle school teachers and students aim to reduce the risk of social exclusion.

These interventions will be designed and implemented in co-operation with Walter, a non-profit NGO with a long experience in working with students from diverse backgrounds.

The interventions are designed in such a way that they can be easily adopted to become part of the basic public services once they have been shown to prevent social exclusion. The questionnaire data is collected in 49 schools in Southern Finland during the years 2016–2019 comprising about 245 classes and 2840 students.

The study will focus on students’ preparedness for career choice and various indicators of inclusion at the long-term follow-up after the students have made the transition to secondary level studies.

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has previously implemented several interventions that have proved to be successful in enhancing career choice preparedness and intrinsic motivation towards education-related goals among general basic education students (Koivisto et al., 2011; Salmela-Aro et al., 2010; Vuori et al., 2008), but little is known about the effects of similar interventions among students facing a higher risk of social exclusion, particularly for groups with diverse ethnic backgrounds. In this project we design interventions that target especially at-risk groups.




Strategic Research funding by Academy of Finland

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