The central challenge within education is, that in addition to teaching, schools have to be able to manage disturbances and adapt their actions to varying circumstances. Although this challenge is widely recognized, the safety management practices are still in need of development. The knowledge about the present situation, and the developmental needs of current safety management practices, will be produced during the EduSafe project. Also new methods and tools for safety management are developed.

Finnish schools are generally perceived as safe working environments. However, in recent years plenty of new challenges have been recognized. For example, the illusion of invulnerability has been broken by the school shootings in the beginning of 21st century. In the classroom, teachers face several safety risks, like disturbances and acts of violence. Also, the social workload in teaching work is continuous.

Aims of the project

Aim of the project is to evaluate and improve safety management safety culture and safety competencies in the educational context:

  • to support the development of safety management safety culture and safety competences of the partner organizations (resilient working methods)
  • to develop comprehensive safety model which supports safety management in practice
  • to disseminate the results and the developed safety model widely within the education

Methods and results

Survey and interviews are carried out at the organizations involved before and after the interventions. The safety promotion interventions are:

  • Change workshop (proactive safety management practices)
  • Green Cross Digital Application (practices for incident situation)
  • Debriefing working model (practices for aftercare)

The new knowledge of the current status and developmental needs of safety management will be created during the project. Also methods and materials that enhance safety competences and safety management will be created. These will support the development of comprehensive safety model, which is aimed to promote safety culture in organizations within the educational context.


The project will be carried out between 6/2016 and 5/2018.

Partners and funding

The project is managed by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) and carried out with University of Turku (Teacher education unit of Rauma). The collaboration with educational field is important part of the project: the educational departments of two Finnish cities; two schools, one unit which is offering afternoon activities, food services from the second city; and four university training schools are involved. The collaboration is done also with the OPTUKE network. The research project Safety promotion at education (EduSafe) is funded by The Finnish Work Environment Fund, The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the University of Turku.