The primary aim of this ecosystem is to support commercial invocation of the newest technology and developed services in strongly increasing global smart clothing markets.

Smart Clothing 2.0 will identify distinct end user needs and the latest technological potential. This will help to develop new product and service concepts, working in close collaboration with the business participants. Functionality of the project’s concepts will be tested by VTT and FIOH.

The research part of the project is divided to five work packages.

  • Identification of end users’ requirements and novel smart technology
  • Development of smart clothing and service concept
  • Functionality testing of the new smart prototypes
  • Analysis for economic benefit and commercialization
  • Development of commercial activity models

FIOH is involved in all the work packages and is responsible of the work package 3. Our task is to test smart clothing concept developed in the project. The tests include determinations of garment and clothing properties, and clothing physiology measurements done with the thermal manikin. Human thermophysiological and physical performance measurements will be done in the controlled thermal conditions in the laboratory and in the real working conditions in the field. FIOH also participates in the development of the human thermal model.

This project consortium will start new and ambitious collaboration network for smart clothing to commercialize Finnish expertise in the booming national and international markets. This R&D project brings and binds to close collaboration both product development enterprises and most relevant research institutes. The project consortium involves nine Finnish business partners and VTT and FIOH as research institutes.

The project will be carried on in two parallel parts: 1) research-based development of smart clothing concepts together with the business partners and 2) confidential development of business partners’ own products in cooperation with the research institutes. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT) and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) are responsible of the research part. VTT is the project leader.