Job crafting means employees using proactive actions to change the level of their job resources and demands in order to protect and promote their well-being at work – work engagement.

Work engagement in turn is a positive, affective-motivational state of employee well-being. It is associated with several beneficial outcomes such as self-rated mental and physical health, and has even shown to relate to indicators of healthy cardiac autonomic activity (i.e., increased heart rate variability during work time), which describes the optimal functioning of autonomic nervous system.

Aims of the project

The aim of this research project is to investigate whether it is possible to encourage job crafting through a six-week Work engagement through job crafting -eLearning intervention.

A further aim is to investigate whether work engagement can be increased via the Work engagement through job crafting -eLearning intervention and whether possible resulting increases may also be related to accentuated cardiac autonomic activity (illustrated using increased heart rate variability during work time) reflecting healthier cardiac regulation i.e. cardiac health.

To date, the positive aspect of work-related well-being and cardiovascular health has received surprisingly little attention, but considerable evidence exists that prolonged work-related ill-being (stress and burnout) is linked to physical ill-health, such as to cardiac diseases and cardiovascular-related events. In addition, no studies have examined whether work-related well-being and consequently cardiac health can be enhanced through a web-based intervention.

Participants and research methods

This intervention study will focus on Finnish municipal sector employees. The opportunity to participate in the study was open to all the employees of a municipality in Central Finland (n = 273). The study will use a quasi-experimental design and a waiting-list method (the controls receives the intervention after the active treatment group). Around half of the employees will serve as participants and half as controls.

Job crafting and work engagement will be investigated via an electronic questionnaire, and cardiac autonomic activity will be examined using 72-hour ambulatory electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements. All the voluntary employees will complete the questionnaire and undergo the measurements three times: one week before, one week after, and four months after the Work engagement through job crafting -eLearning intervention is conducted among the participants.

The intervention will be evaluated by comparing the results of the participants and controls. The findings of the research project will be available at the end of 2020.




The Finnish Work Environment Fund and the Finnish Institute of Occupational health

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Työn imua työtä tuunaamalla -verkkovalmennuksella hyvinvointia ja terveyttä (2019–2020)

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