Dental services have met with constant law changes during the first two decades of this millennium. As a result, particularly dentists in public sector report more stress and burnout than the general working population or white-collar professions in general. This project is focused on all working-aged dentists in Finland, including those who have attended all previous four study phases as well as first-time participants.

The project aims to follow the development of working conditions (job demands and job resources), work-to-family and family-to-work conflict and enrichment, job crafting behaviors, different types of employee well-being (i.e., work engagement, job satisfaction, burnout, and workaholism), as well as health, workability, and intentions towards retirement age. The practical aim is to provide positive, resource-focused means for Finnish dentists, dental workplaces and the Finnish Dental Association to support dentists’ well-being and health, and consequently high-quality care. The lessons learned in this project are disseminated across healthcare and more generally in Finnish work-life.

Findings of the previous study phases in 2003, 2006, 2010 and 2014 have been reported in many international and Finnish journals and reports. To the best of our knowledge, this project represents, for example, the longest follow-up data on work engagement; one of the most prominent constructs both in research and in organizations.


Year 2019


Finnish Dental Association and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health


Previous studies (in English) and reports (in Finnish) can be found at ResearchGate