Hanasaari island at summer time

The Symposium will be streamed from Hanaholmen Cultural Centre , which was also the original site for the Symposium.

The WOW Symposium WAS streamed online on 13 November 2020

See the Symposium Programme.

CLICK Here to WATCH THE SYMPOSIUM  https://ttl.livestriimi.fi/wowsymposium/.

Thank you for all the participants and presenters!


The characteristics of working hours are becoming increasingly flexible in all Nordic countries.
Every fifth employee, mostly in lower socioeconomic groups, are also working in shifts. Working hours are related to health, work-life balance and welfare, but they are also associated with socioeconomic differences; timing of work is socially constructed and gendered.

The overall aim of an extensive 5-year Norforsk-funded project Working hours, health, well-being and participation in working life (WOW) – creating new working time models and solutions for Nordic countries has been in developing evidence-based models and solutions related to working hours in order to support health, well-being and work participation. The project is approaching its end during 2020 and has provided an extensive amount of new scientific research and working time-related solutions to support well-being.

WOW Symposium will present and discuss

  • the main results of the large project WOW on the national trends and scenarios for the length, timing, tempo and control of working hours in the Nordic countries, as well as the main results on the  association of working hours with health, well-being and participation in working life.
  • the results of several intervention studies on individual management of sleep and fatigue in shift work. The plenary lectures on the main results of the project will be given by key principle researchers of the project
  • policy recommendations for good Nordic working time models for health, well-being and participation in working life, collecting invited feedback from its national and international stakeholders for the final WOW Policy Paper 2020.  See the Symposium Programme

Originally the Symposium was planned to be in Espoo Finland on 19th &20th March 2020, but it was cancelled because of  the COVID-19 pandemic.
Instead the results and the recommendations of the WOW project will be presented on 13 November 2020 and streamed online.  Everybody who is interested  on working life and working hours is welcome to follow the stream.  The Symposium stream will be recorded and can also be viewed later. No registration is needed.