Safety from the group! – Work groups as drivers of safety – TURTI

In the research project, we examine how the factors related to group activities affect the safety of working in traditional workplaces.




The safety study found that the smooth functioning of work groups and teams is of great importance for the safety of the work. In complex environments and situations, teams often operate on a very independent basis, which emphasizes the importance of group activities. 

The aim of the study is to identify factors that promote the safety of team work and the safety risks associated with team work. 

The main objectives are: 

  1. finding out what kinds of occupational safety-related group phenomena can be identified in the target workplaces of the study; 
  2. identifying ways to assess and support the occupational safety activities of groups at workplaces. 

Five Finnish workplaces are participating in the study. The research material is collected through interviews, analysis of incident reports, surveys and observations at workplaces. 

Based on the results of the project, tools will be created for assessing, developing and managing the safety activities of teams. 

Our experts

Vuokko Puro

Vuokko Puro

Project manager, specialist

vuokko.puro [at]
+358 30 474 8661

Research group

Vuokko Puro, Ilkka Asikainen, Sari Käpykangas, Inka Koskela, Teemu Paajanen, Heli Ansio, Teppo Valtonen, Virpi Kalakoski, Henriikka Kannisto


Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, The Finnish Work Environment Fund, co-operating organizations.