Do you suspect your employees could be exposed to chemicals and biological dust?

Biomonitoring can help you to identify employees’ exposure to chemicals. Our analyses enable assessing chemical risks on an individual and a task-specific level. In addition, we can measure sensitization to biological dusts from serum samples’ antibody analyses.

Our high-quality analyses will help you to identify:

  • employee’s exposure to chemicals
  • employee’s sensitization to biological dust and indoor ticks
  • task-specific risk of exposure
  • need to protect and its efficiency

Biomonitoring measures overall exposure and takes into account all ways of exposure (air, skin, digestive system).

Thanks to our extensive analysis selection, you can identify and intervene with chemical risks in the work environment at an early stage and manage occupational safety and health procedures in a planned and long-term fashion.

Professional interpretation brings significant additional value for analyses

We are an esteemed expert institute of well-being at work with high professional ethics. We have decades of experience in pioneer work in studying and developing work environment analyses in Finland.

Our high-quality analyses are FINAS accredited (testing laboratory T013, EN ISO/IEC 17025).

Our interpretation of analysis results is unbiased and takes into account the overall picture. Substance-specific coverage is good as we make use of a large selection of comparable Finnish reference values. In our work, we use action levels and reference data based on health-based evidence. The reference limits of those with no exposure are based on results gained with the same methods that we use in the analytics of biomonitoring samples.

If necessary, we will instruct your occupational health services in reducing exposure to chemicals and biological dusts and preventative actions.

Guideline for specimen collection (pdf)

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