Inappropriate behaviour has no place in the workplace

Examples of problems in the workplace include inappropriate behaviour, harassment and workplace bullying, or allegations of such behaviour.  In most cases, disputes and conflicts in the workplace can be resolved among those involved with support from their supervisors. However, in complicated conflict situations, outside expert help is sometimes needed. Such situations include difficult, protracted and complex crises, as well as conflicts in which the supervisor him- or herself is involved.

Objective and impartial assistance in difficult situations of crisis and conflict

We offer high-quality consulting services for resolving conflict and crisis situations in the workplace. In situations of conflict, we act as a neutral arbitrator. We carry out work community surveys and provide support to supervisors and the concerned parties as they try to find ways to resolve their problems.

Our services are always tailored according to each client’s requirements and based on researched data and proven good practices in the workplace.

Our experts have several years of experience in supporting organizations to resolve severe crisis and conflict situations. Our clients especially appreciate our confidential and impartial way of working.  We are a reliable partner with strong professional ethics.

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