Is the indoor air poor at your workplace?

Indoor air problems are a common problem in buildings. They may be caused by, for instance, inadequate ventilation, dust and fibres, as well as chemical emissions from construction materials. There may also be moisture and microbe damage, which has been shown to have a temporal relationship to the development and worsening of asthma as well as respiratory tract symptoms.

Inconvenience caused by the indoor environment should be dealt with promptly, and the methods of action should be agreed in advance at the workplace.

Solutions for indoor air problems at workplaces

We provide assistance for the resolution of indoor air problems multiprofessionally and systematically according to the customer’s initial situation.

We provide expert service for indoor air problems in office-type work environments. We help you determine the causes of indoor air problems and assess the health risks. We also support the work of the indoor air group and the building of trust.

Our services include:

  • indoor climate surveys
  • expert assistance and guidance
  • expert statements
  • multiprofessional indoor climate studies
  • assessment of health effects.

Indoor climate survey to map the experiences of the users of the premises

“Työterveyslaitoksen sisäilmastokysely©” survey is our service for the charting of indoor climate problems. The indoor climate survey helps us determine possible causes and the extent of the problem in places where reliable reference materials are available. The survey can also be used for the follow-up monitoring of corrective actions implemented due to indoor air problems.  The method can be used for the evaluation of, for instance, offices, schools, day-care centres and healthcare facilities as well as similar workplaces.

Expert assistance and guidance

Our experts provide assistance and guidance to indoor air groups, for example, in terms of the management of the indoor air problem as a whole, support managers in their work and support communications and the building of trust. We provide advice at the site or over a video connection, either as a non-recurring event or as a longer project.

Expert advice is required if the cause of the indoor air problem is not known and getting an overall idea of the situation and a route towards the resolution are required quickly. Our experts set out the steps for the resolution of the indoor air problem based on the documents supplied by the customer and the consultation meeting held at the location or over a video connection. If necessary, also support for the resolution of the indoor air problem, communications and daily managerial work can be included in the service.

Expert statements

Our experts provide a written statement about the situation, the conditions and how to proceed based on the information provided and the survey conducted at the site.

Expert statements are necessary when:

  • The indoor air problem is difficult and prolonged.
  • It is unclear whether the surveys conducted and the repairs made are adequate.
  • It is unclear how to proceed with the resolution of the problem.

Based on the assessment of the exposure conditions and the indoor climate survey, we are also able to evaluate the inconvenience and risks caused by the indoor air problem and its health effects to the employees.

Multiprofessional indoor climate study

A multiprofessional indoor climate study can be used for the assessment of the causes, extent and reasons of the problem. Based on the information obtained, our experts will prepare a statement, also evaluating the health effects of the indoor air problem to the employees and suggesting further actions to resolve the problem. We can also arrange a feedback meeting to present the results of the survey and recommend actions. If necessary, also support for the resolution of the indoor air problem, communications and daily managerial work can be included in the service.

A multiprofessional expert group at your service

The resolution of indoor air problems often requires the input and seamless co-operation of various experts. Our team includes an indoor air specialist, a construction specialist, a specialist doctor and a work community consultant, according to the needs of the customer.

Our modern, accredited laboratory carries out reliable analyses of samples needed for the resolution of the indoor air problem.

A good work environment benefits all

Good indoor environment at the workplace:

  • Supports and promotes the health and well-being at work of its users.
  • Improves the coping at work and the productivity of work.

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