Indoor climate survey helps in the assessment of indoor air problems at the workplace

The indoor climate survey is our service for the assessment of indoor air problems at the workplace, the evaluation of the scope of the problems and the follow-up of measures taken to rectify them.

The indoor climate survey helps us determine the nature and extent of the problem in places where reliable reference materials are available.  The results of the survey should be examined in connection with other investigations and observations carried out at the workplace in question. The evaluation of exposure conditions in a building must be based on sufficient studies from the perspectives of construction engineering and building systems.

The indoor climate survey is carried out and its results reported in accordance with confidentiality regulations. The survey involves the handling of sensitive information related to the health of employees and must be carried out by occupational health services professionals.

For whom can the survey be used?

Our service can be used in the evaluation of, for instance, offices, schools, day-care centres and healthcare facilities as well as similar workplaces. The survey is intended for workplaces that have at least 20 persons for whom the facility is their primary place of work (at least half of their working time is spent there).

Contents of the survey

Our service includes carrying out the survey as an email survey, a summary and analysis carried out by an expert physician, and a statement of the results of the survey.

Ordering the indoor climate survey

You can order the indoor climate survey by sending the order form, along with an excel file containing the email addresses of the persons working at the site, divided by employee group, to If you experience a problem, you can also send an email request for us to call you back.

Contact us and ask for more information

You can reach our experts easily by telephone or through the attached contact form. Don’t hesitate, contact us today!

If your workplace has fewer than 20 employees or has recently been renovated, or if you have other questions related to ordering the survey, please contact our customer service using the attached contact form. You can also contact our expert physician at or call our telephone service at 030 474 2010 (open weekdays 12 noon to 1 p.m.).