Does noise or vibration cause issues at your workplace?

Noise at the workplace may cause hearing loss and have a negative effect on communication and the ability to hear alarm sounds. Noise decreases the quality and comfort of the work environment, and it also negatively affects concentration and the ability to communicate.

The use of vibrating hand tools and machinery causes numbness in hands, Raynaud Disease, joint problems and various neural damage. Excessive vibration directed at the employee’s body may cause musculoskeletal disorders.

Minimise the downsides of noise and vibration at the workplace

We provide high-quality services for minimising the damage caused by noise and vibration in a work environment. We carry out workplace studies, noise and vibration measurements and exposure assessments. We offer diverse professional help in supporting risk assessments of noise and vibration exposure. We are your reliable partner in planning different preventive solutions and programmes.

Examples of our services:

  • measuring noise exposure, analysing and planning a noise prevention programme
  • assessment and development of the need for personal protection
  • assessment and measurement of the noise emission caused by machinery and tools
  • assessment and measurement of hand and body vibration exposure
  • management of vibration exposure and prevention development

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