Do you suspect an occupational disease or a work-related illness?

Work-related symptoms may also be caused by an occupational disease or a work-related illness.

Occupational diseases are illnesses that have been mainly caused by a physical, chemical or biological factor at work.

Work-related diseases comprise, in addition to occupational diseases, partially work-related illnesses. This means diseases to which work-related matters contribute but they are not the main cause of the disease.

Medical examinations for identifying work-related symptoms and work ability

We provide high-quality medical examinations for identifying work-related diseases as well as assessments of work ability.

  • Examinations of respiratory diseases
  • Occupational skin disease examinations
  • Examinations of nervous system diseases
  • Printing and interpreting service of PEF workplace monitoring
  • Interview service of asbestos exposure
  • Work ability assessment studies
  • Occupational disease pathology services

Occupational diseases examinations with a doctor’s referral

You need a doctor’s referral and financial obligation for examining a work-related disease or a suspected occupational disease.

The referral is based on an assessment by a doctor specialized in occupational health services and the working conditions data of the subject. The referral can be made by a specialist of another field of medicine or a health centre or private doctor who is familiar with the subject’s working conditions and state of health.

When an occupational disease is suspected, primarily the employer’s accident insurance company is responsible for the costs. This is why a financial obligation from the insurance company is needed for the examinations.

Professional and objective examination benefits all

Our occupational health and occupational medicine experts have unique competence and strong experience in assessing work-related exposure and examining work-related diseases.

  • A person with symptoms gets a reliable medical assessment on whether his/her symptoms are work-related.
  • The insurance company receives a reliable assessment to support their compensation solution when an occupational disease is suspected.
  • The workplace is provided with instructions on how to prevent work-related diseases.
  • Healthcare actors strengthen their understanding of work-related diseases.

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