Occupational hygienic analyses for assessing work-related exposure

We provide our clients with high quality expertise and a diverse services of occupational hygienic analysis. We analyse air, material and surface samples. Our special expertise is in the field of analyses aimed at assessing work-related exposure (chemicals, dusts, fibres, microbes, ticks, endotoxins). Our client-oriented service includes support for sampling and interpreting the results.

Our occupational hygienic analyses can help to identify:

  • work-related exposure (quality of exposure and concentration level)
  • emissions of materials and production processes (testing emissions and thermal decomposition products)

In addition, we also offer calibration services of (air) sampling pumps.

Our clients include engineering offices, research groups, occupational health services and workplaces, among others.

Task-specific risk assessment is a statutory obligation of the employer

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the employer is responsible for a task-specific risk assessment at the workplace.  Occupational hygienic analyses help provide important information for assessing work-related exposure. Harmful factors and their joint effects should be assessed simultaneously.

A safe and healthy workplace as an objective

Our methods are based on standards or reference methods of occupational hygiene. We extensively participate in international reference rounds. When assessing work-related exposure, our results can be compared to national or international limit or reference values.

Our operations are unbiased, high-quality and reliable – we are a

  • FINAS accredited testing laboratory (T013, EN ISO/IEC 17025)
  • laboratory 2495/961/2008 approved by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira for conducting studies and surveys for authorities as required by the regulations in the Health Protection Act (763/1994).

As an expert institute of well-being at work, we provide up-to-date information and reference values on the work-related exposure agents we have investigated.

Contact us and ask for more information

Our experts are happy to help you in matters related to occupational hygiene assessments, for instance in choosing the correct analyses and assessing the significance of the results.