Do you think your workplace has harmful radiation?

The occurrence of electromagnetic radiation or non-ionising radiation at the workplace causes fear and doubt. Employees may not notice that they are being exposed to electromagnetic radiation in their work.

Electric and magnetic fields may also disturb the operations of a pacemaker or other medical implant. If someone at the workplace has a pacemaker, a clarification on electric and magnetic fields should be concluded.

Insufficient lighting, such as reflections, glare or lack of light, has a significantly negative effect on working. Inadequate lighting increases the risk of accidents and contributes to employees getting tired at work.

Minimise the risks of radiation at the workplace

We provide high-quality expert services on managing the risks of non-ionising radiation in the work environment. We carry out workplace investigations, radiation and lighting measurements and risk assessments.

Examples of our services:

  • measuring and assessing electromagnetic fields
  • risk assessment of electromagnetic fields according to the decree on electromagnetic fields (388/2016)
  • assessment of possible interruptions in the operations of active medical implants
  • management of electromagnetics fields caused by machines
  • measuring optic radiation, decreasing exposure and risk assessment according to the directive (Government decree 146/2010)

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