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Testing of PPE

Does your PPE have CE marking? Or do you need testing for your PPE product development?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) sold within the EEA must be CE marked and must meet the requirements of the PPE Regulation 2016/425 (or until 20.4.2019 the requirements of the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC). Manufacturers and importers must have the products that are to be sold on Finnish or EEA markets tested and type examined if they belong to Category II or III of the PPE Regulation. The manufacturer must also draw up an EC declaration of conformity for all PPE.

Examined and accepted PPE can be recognized from its CE marking and each product’s own standard number. The CE mark consists of the CE logo and for PPE against serious hazards (Category III) also of the identification number of the Notified Body involved in the conformity assessment procedure of the PPE.

Diverse testing services

We are provider of testing for PPE in Finland. Our independent, expert testing services apply for example to:

  • Cold protective clothing
  • Protective clothing materials
  • Cold protective gloves
  • Survival and diving suits

Accredited services

Our testing laboratory is accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 (T013) by FINAS (Finnish Accreditation Service).

Our clients value our wide-ranging expertise, high quality testing laboratory and our fast service.

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PPE testing services

Cold protective clothing, textile materials and gloves
Kirsi Jussila
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Cold protective clothing, textile materials and gloves
Heidi Ahopelto
Lifejackets, buoyancy aids, diving suits, immersion suits and swimming aids
Sirkka Rissanen