Training situation

FIOH offers a wide selection of training courses in the field of occupational safety and health. Our training helps workplaces improve the well-being and work ability of both management and personnel, develop and maintain safe work practices, and detect and control risks in the work environment. FIOH also offers further education and supplementary courses that aim to maintain and develop professional skills.

The target groups of our training courses include management and HR administration, occupational safety and health officials, and health professionals.

Here are four reasons to choose FIOH for training:

  • All our trainers are experts in their fields.
  • The knowledge we distribute on our courses is based on cutting-edge research conducted by our own experts.
  • You will obtain tangible tools for improving well-being and safety at your workplace.
  • You will gain valuable contacts and networks with experts in your field.

All our courses can be customized to suit the customer’s specific needs. Courses can last from one day to several weeks.

Please contact our experts for a quotation and to discuss the particular needs of your organization.


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