Vision Zero Forum

The Vision Zero Forum is Finnish national network of workplaces that share a common vision of becoming leaders in occupational health and safety and are willing to share their experiences for the benefit of other members. Forum is meant for all kinds of workplaces that are interested in prioritizing occupational health and safety and are striving to the forefront of safety. There are currently over 400 member organizations at the Forum.

Vision Zero Forum team

What is the Vision Zero Forum about?

  • Promotes the vision zero approach and acts in accordance with it.
  • Provides examples of good practices from other workplaces and promotes success stories.
  • Motivates and encourages workplaces to strive for a high level of safety on a voluntary basis.
  • Provides national and regional events, webinars and seminars to support the needs of workplaces.
  • Provides materials and tools to promote the vision zero concept.
  • Promotes positive communication and visibility for safety.

Member organisations commit to following rules as members of the Vision Zero Forum

  • We commit ourselves to sharing information on best practices with other workplaces
  • We will improve our workplace safety in co-operation with our employees and management
  • Health and safety are an integral part of our workplace’s successful business operations
  • We commit ourselves to annually providing the Vision Zero Forum’s project team with information on occupational safety

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Globally, however, it is estimated that 2.8 million fatal accidents occur at work yearly. This means that every day almost 7,700 persons die of work-related diseases or injuries. Accidents do not happen by chance and they can be prevented.

Learn with this material how you can I improve your own and others’ safety at work and free time.

What is Vision Zero?

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