Are you familiar with the chemical risks at your workplace?

A prerequisite for the safe use of chemicals is understanding the associated risks and knowing the correct ways in which to handle them. This is why FIOH organizes comprehensive training in chemical safety and risk assessment. The training can be customized to match the specific needs of your organization. A pre-training visit by one of our experts enables the unique risks of your workplace to be assessed and addressed in the course.

Our promise to you: You and your employees will be educated on the latest changes regarding chemical safety.

Examples of courses we offer in chemical safety at the workplace

  • Workplace risk assessment and management: How to carry out workplace risk assessments, what kind of tools and control measures to use to prevent exposure?
  • New chemical legislation (CLP and REACH): The extended safety data sheet and how to use it. New symbols and labels – What you need to know
  • Principles of GHS/CLP classification: An in-depth look into the classification system
  • New tools for the workplace risk assessment and management: Stoffenmanager and Stoffenmanager Premium
  • Laboratory safety
  • Using biomonitoring in occupational risk assessment
  • Occupational toxicology
  • Occupational exposure limit values – setting and using OELs in Finland, EU or other market
  • Nanomaterials at workplaces: Best practices for working safely

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