Coaching and peer support group for freelance professionals in arts, culture and events
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Coaching and peer support group for freelance professionals in arts, culture and events

People working in the fields of art, culture and events create well-being for society, but who takes care of the well-being of the industry's workers?

We are starting a coaching and peer group to support freelance professionals working in art, culture and event industry.

Participation in the group meetings is free of charge.

Single registration

The workshops are free of charge

Course group
Wellbeing at work
13.12.2023 – 02.05.2024
Registration date
06.11 – 04.12.2023
Course type
Free event

Course objectives

The goal of the group meetings is to enhance participants’ wellbeing at work. You will get a chance to reflect and strengthen your professional identity, reflect and develop your ways of working, review facts and information about conditions of work in Finland, have discussions with other professionals in a similar situation to your own and widen your professional network.

In practice, we will look at information and theoretical background on the themes listed above, discuss, do teamwork and reflect together.


Themes of the coaching and peer support group meetings are:

• Wellbeing at work
• Me as a professional
• Work opportunities, income, support systems
• Community and networks, collegiality
• Career paths

There’s room for 12 participants in order of enrollment. All participants will be interviewed before the first group meeting.

When and where

13.12.2023 at 12.00-16.00​

10.1.2024 at 12.00-16​.00

7.2.2024 at 12.00-16.00​

6.3.2024 at 12.00-16.00​

3.4.2024 at 12.00-16.00​

2.5.2024 at 12.00-16.00 

The group meetings will be held at Finnish Institute for Occupational Health premises (address Topeliuksenkatu 41b, 00250 Helsinki).

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Miira Heiniö

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Barbara Bergbom

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