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Vision Zero approaches and best practices globally: Japan, Denmark, Finland

Welcome to the Vision Zero collaboration meeting / webinar. The purpose of the event is to exchange the latest developments, new initiatives, and best practices for advancing the Vision Zero approach in Finland, Japan, and Denmark.

Vision Zero represents a commitment to the continuous development of safety, health, and well-being at work. It encompasses effective measures to prevent work-related accidents and diseases, as well as innovative practices that promote safety.

Kindly note, that all times are EET (Helsinki time zone)!

Yksittäiset osallistujat

Meeting is free of charge

Course group
Occupational safety and health
Nolla tapaturmaa –foorumi
3 hours - 12.00 noon Helsinki time until 3 pm Helsinki time
Registration date
14.05 – 11.06.2024
Course type
Free event

Course objectives

The meeting / webinar gives you the chance to learn from other countries' Vision Zero approaches through an inspiring collection of presentations. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about real-life experiences from various workplaces, showcasing the practical application of Vision Zero.


Kindly note, that all times are EET (Helsinki time zone)!

12.00 Welcome – Vision Zero as a joint approach
Tommi Alanko, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

12.05 The Global Initiative for Safety, Health and Wellbeing @EXPO2025 and BEYOND
Dr. Toshihiro Fujita, IGSAP director

12.20 Positive Safety and Well-being Technology: Embracing Collaborative Safety for Workers' Safety, Health, and Well-being at Work, and Use Cases at TOYOTA
Mr. Toshiyuki Kajiya, IGSAP director

12.35 Toward a Prosperous Future Where Humans and Robots Cooperate
Dr. Tamio Tanikawa, AIST

12.50 Case Study of Conformity Assessment based on ISO 31101 and Safety management systems of Robotic Services
Dr. Yoshihiro Nakabo, AIST

13.05 COFFEE B R E A K

13.20 The study of design and operation of collaborative machines - risk assessment and communication
Mr. Hiroo Kanamaru, Mitsubishi Electric

13.35 The importance of safety education and certification for management as an integral ingredient of the safety, health, and well-being of the workplace
Mr. Takahiro Uehara, Japan Certification

13.50 The grand collaborative framework of international organizations for safety, health, and wellbeing at workplaces and the whole world
Prof. Mr. Jun Kurihara, IGSAP new director, Canon Institute for Global Studies

14.05 B R E A K

14.10 Managing Wellbeing in a Vision Zero Perspective - An introduction to the Vision Zero Guide on Wellbeing
Pernilla Thau, Human House

14.25 Vision Zero Council, Denmark
Lars Tornvig, Human House

14.40 Vision Zero Forum, Finland
Tiina-Mari Monni, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

14.50 Discussion

15.00 End of the meeting

For whom

We invite everyone who´s interested in workplace safety to join the webinar and to learn the latest developments, new initiatives, and best practices for advancing the Vision Zero approach in Finland, Japan, and Denmark.

Please note that there are 15 seats available for attending the meeting at the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health premises.