More speakers for Vision Zero Summit 2019: Sanna Malinen, Pete Kines, Anna-Maria Teperi

We are happy to introduce more speakers for the Vision Zero Summit 2019.

Sanna Malinen, University of Canterbury Business School

Sanna Malinen is an Associate Professor at the University of Canterbury’s Business School in New Zealand. Her background is in organisational psychology, and she consults and researches in the area of organisational and employee resilience and wellbeing.

The range and scale of crises affecting organisations, from natural disasters to economic downturns, have resulted in an increased interest in organisational adaptability. Drawing from disaster management experience, her talk, Building organisational and employee resilience for severe disruptions,  will focus on key processes, including learning and collaboration, that have been shown to strengthen both organisational and employee resilience.

Pete Kines, Danish National Research Centre for the Working Environment

Pete Kines is a Senior Researcher at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Denmark. He has has studied, published articles and held workshops and keynote talks about Vision Zero around the world.

His talk, Integrating workplace safety, health and well-being into business strategies, will answer questions to: How can Vision Zero be integrated into current business strategies? How is Vision Zero for safety, health and well-being unique form traditional health and safety strategies? How can it help businesses on their path to ISO 45001 certification?

Anna-Maria Teperi, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Dr. Anna-Maria Teperi is a Chief Researcher and Deputy Director at Solutions for Safety unit in the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) in Finland. She has 15 years of experience in research and implementation of human factors to safety management systems at safety critical fields of air navigation services, nuclear industry, railway, aviation maintenance and maritime.

Her talk, Human factors as a philosophy and practice to renew Vision Zero, will ponder, how human factors perspective, which focuses on participative development, open discussion and sharing lessons learnt, may be combined with Vision Zero thinking. Especially, the presentation will show, how human factors framework and tools have been used to renew safety culture in practice.

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