Vision Zero is possible

Vision Zero is more of a core value and vision of continuous improvement and learning at all levels of operations, than just a numerical goal. Ethically, we can only strive for the best result, a goal of no harm at the workplace. Vision Zero includes not only safety, but also occupational health and wellbeing.

You do not have to expect to be at zero next year. Vision Zero is a long-term strategy. It is a journey which includes policy, strategy and practical actions for committing to continuously improve safety.

In Finland, the Zero Vision has been put in practice by the Vision Zero forum, which is a network of over 400 workplaces all over the country. Several member companies have zero accidents annually.

Do you have a national or regional Vision Zero -network? How does it work? Let us know at and/or share also to others e.g in Twitter using hashtag #visionzero19.  And come to exhange ideas at the Summit with us!

Tommi Alanko, director of Finnish Institute of Occupational Health