Andrew Sharman – Vision Zero Summit 2019

Rethinking the Vision: From Accidents to Zero

A dynamic interactive session exploring the challenges to improving safety culture, rethinking the vision and providing inspiration, thought leadership and practical ideas on how to reach the next level and achieve ‘safety excellence’. Using a blend of imagery, audience participation and ‘thought experiments’ the focus will be on understanding how to develop and leverage exemplary leadership to facilitate positive change and drive organizational success in workplace safety, health and wellbeing.

Content will be based on the global best-selling book From Accidents to Zero: A practical guide to improving your workplace safety cultureParticipants at the session will each receive a copy of the book.


Andrew is CEO of RMS Switzerland, a global consultancy specializing in culture and leadership supporting organizations around the world through industry sectors including mining, construction, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and FMCG. His personal consulting experience spans over 120 countries with a broad range of Fortune 500 clients.

Regarded as a dynamic and visionary thought-leader in workplace safety – having earned several international awards for his work – he is Professor of Leadership & Safety Culture and Program Director at CEDEP – the European Centre for Executive Development on the INSEAD campus in Paris, France; teaches at CalTech – the California Institute of Technology, USA; and speaks on post-graduate Risk Management programs at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. His Lean Six Sigma Black Belt ensures that his approach is grounded in practical application and results-focused.

Andrew is the author of eight books on safety culture, leadership and wellbeing. His first book From Accidents to Zero: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Workplace Safety Culture is the world’s best-selling book on safety culture with now over 50,000 copies sold.



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