Anna-Maria Teperi – Vision Zero Summit 2019

Human factors as a philosophy and practice to renew Vision Zero

This talk will ponder, how human factors perspective, which focuses on participative development, open discussion and sharing lessons learnt, may be combined with Vision Zero thinking. Especially the presentation will show, how human factors framework and tools have been used in Finnish air traffic management, nuclear power industry, maritime and railway, to renew safety culture for the last 17 years in practice.


Dr. Anna-Maria Teperi is a Chief Researcher and deputy director at Solutions for Safety unit in the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) in Finland. She has 15 years of experience in research and implementation of human factors to safety management systems at safety critical fields of air navigation services, nuclear industry, railway, aviation maintenance and maritime. She is a research manager in several research projects related to human factors, safety management as well as peer-based early intervention model after incidents, and has lead several development projects and trainings at this field.




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