Bernd Treichel – Vision Zero Summit 2019

Vision Zero – from Vision to Strategy

This presentation tells the story of the beginnings of the ISSA’s Vision Zero Campaign, launched at the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Singapore in 2017 and how it has been developed into a strategic tool that is used by policy makers and companies to improve safety, health and wellbeing. The achievement of several milestones have helped establish Vision Zero as a globally know prevention strategy and has inspired many actors to launch their own Vision Zero initiatives. The presentation will also showcase how Vision Zero supports other major international OSH programmes and Conventions, such as the Global Alliance for OSH and International Labour Standards.


Bernd has been working for over 15 years at international level in the field of Prevention. He studied law and joined the International Labour Office as a Labour Inspection Expert before moving on to the Council of the Baltic Sea States and then to the International Social Security Association (ISSA), for which he works as Senior Prevention Expert. He is member of the International Organizing Committee of the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work and manages Vision Zero ( at the ISSA.




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