Chris Venables – Vision Zero Summit 2019

Vision Zero – Corporate Governance (A Safe and Healthy Management System) and Stepping up to our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our vision is to have an industry leading, strong, sustainable safety culture that keeps everyone safe from harm, enabling us to serve our customers better every day. Health and Safety is about looking after everyone who may be impacted by our operations. It is only by ensuring that safety is always part of our decisions and actions that we will fulfil our vision that “No-one should ever be hurt working or shopping at Tesco”. We want everyone to feel safe and secure at work, and our customers to trust us with their safekeeping, feeling cared for whilst shopping with us

Throughout my career I have strived to promote the benefits of clear and simple standards that protect all from harm. I encourage everyone to look for creative and innovative ways of developing compliant solutions within the organisation. Having an organised and compassionate approach to safety promotes structure, governance and simplicity with an overarching focus on people. I believe that safety is about Care not just Compliance and by creating a platform where colleagues can challenge themselves and others to do the right thing we have an opportunity to reduce and eliminate the risk of harm.


Chris been responsible for Health and Safety in various organisations for the past 24 years. His present role is that of Group Safety Director for Tesco Stores LTD, a business which he is proud to have worked at for the past 10 years. He manages a team of technical Safety managers and set the corporate strategic direction in relation to Safety Compliance, Policy, Procedures and Capability for the entire Tesco Group portfolio, including their businesses in the UK, ROI, Central Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, India and numerous sourcing hubs across the globe. He supports their core business and global subsidiaries which extend to 45 distribution centres, 6,800 stores and Circa 468,000 colleagues.


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