Masao Mukaidono – Vision Zero Summit 2019

Promotion of the Future Safety Concept in Japan and Delivering the Concept of the New Safety Trend “Collaborative Safety”

Since the industries have evolved through revolutions from the First, the Second, and the Third, the concept and technical measures to ensure safety have also evolven and Delivering the Concept of the New Safety Trend “Collaborative Safety”ed to meet the challenges of the times. In early days, safety used to rely on humans’ attention only (Safety0.0), and it progressed to integrate machinery/functional measures (Safety1.0). In the current age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the changes and challenges brought by innovative technologies such as IoT, AI, and drastic increase of robot usage driven by the Robot Revolution Initiative are presenting us a new opportunity to deploy a new safety concept. The answer lies within the collaborative safety (Safety2.0).

This talk will discuss how collaborative safety ensures both safety and productivity, and how it brings anshin (peace of mind) to people in the environment where people and machines/robots coexist. To disseminate the concept, IGSAP unveiled the Future Safety Concept calling for companies to take a top-down management approach to invest in safety. In order to contribute to safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives of people in the global community, IGSAP has also started working towards creating an international standard of collaborative safety, which focuses on technology, human resource, and importantly the management aspect as well presented in Vision Zero. This talk will also focus on how IGSAP has collaborated with national and overseas institutions to promote collaborative safety.


Dr. Masao Mukaidono is the Professor Emeritus of Meiji University. He is the chairman of the Institute of Global Safety Promotion (IGSAP) that advocates the Future Safety Concept. Having long strived for contributing to the safety in industrial fields, he was awarded the Japan Prime Minister’s Commendations on Contributors to Public Safety in 2015.

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