LIFECON Life course and economic implications of demographic change


What is LIFECON about?

Population ageing challenges the resiliency of the welfare state. In the LIFECON project, we aim to find solutions for this. We focus on different phases of the life course, including family formation, working life, and health and care at the end of life. We also study the implications of demographic change for the macroeconomy and public finances.

Latest News

Briefing package published: The Demographic Changes challenges the Sustainability of the Finnish Society

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We are insufficiently prepared for the ageing of the population – decisions are needed urgently (Press release on 17 January 2023) 
Due to low birth rates and longer lifespans, the population of Finland is ageing faster than in other EU countries. The forecast immigration is nowhere enough to compensate for the impacts of low birth rates.
The Press release was published in connection with a LIFECON discussion event at Tiedekulma, Helsinki. The debate examined the theme of how the economy will endure the demographic change. About 250 decision makers, experts and media participated on-site or on-line.

DEMOGRAPHY Kick-off event was organized on 15.8.2022:  Effective solutions to demogrpahic change. In the  Strategic Research DEMOGRAPHY program’s Kick-off event we discussed declining fertility, decreasing working-age population, and increasing life expectancy. The event was be held at Musiikkitalo in Helsinki and was open to everyone.

The long-term sustainability of the welfare state requires timely fiscal policy decisions that adapt to population changes. The burden should not be passed on to future generations.